World Cup of Pool

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Featuring 32 of the worlds top players ? with over 15 Pool and Snooker world titles between them ? prove you?re a winner at 8-ball, 9-ball and snooker and claim the ultimate prize in any sport ? the World Cup.If you fancy an alternative challenge have a go at playing ?Killer? against the champions or Wi-Fi against your friends.Whatever you decide to play, you?ll need to be on top form to defeat the all-time greats and claim the trophy * Fully licensed with sixty-two of the best players from around the world. * Top screen displays the whole table, whiles the bottom touch screen allows you to cue-up with your stylus. * Numerous un-lockable extras include new cues, ball sets and table designs. * Unique Hall of Fame trophy room to track your career. * Stereo CD audio tracks for extra atmosphere.