WipeOut Pulse

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Race Race head-to-head in Wipeout Pulse at eye-watering speeds on magnificently-rendered reversible tracks built into a variety of stunning landscapes. Create your own multiplayer Wipeout Pulse events in Ad Hoc and Infrastructure modes and experience it all to the exhilarating beat of a thumping, fully-licensed Wipeout Pulse soundtrack featuring the latest big names in dance music. There is even the possibility to play your own mp3 files direct from your memory stick! Finally, a Wipeout Pulse features a wealth of extra downloadable content, available at launch and post launch, including new Wipeout Pulse tracks, ships and tunes to add to your Wipeout Pulse racing soundtrack, and if youre really impressed with your Wipeout Pulse skills- you can take a snapshot of your Wipeout Pulse ship at any time using Photo Mode and post it online!Wipeout Pulse Features: * Latest incarnation of Wipeout: The iconic, stylish and futuristic anti-gravity combat racer returns with an awesome follow-up to WipEout Pure on PSP * Upholds and refines the Wipeout brand: Wipeout Pulse brings together all the best elements of the franchise to deliver an exhilarating Wipeout racing experience loaded with hi-tech weapons, hi-octane speed and futuristic adrenaline-fuelled Wipeout combat * 7 diversified single player and multiplayer modes: Wipeout Pulse includes wireless multiplayer play via Ad Hoc and Infrastructure Modes * Downloadable Wipeout content: Available at launch and post-launch of Wipeout Pulse: new circuits, ships and music tracks * Pumping Wipeout Pulse soundtrack: Licensed by a range of top artists including Mason, Loco Dice and Stanton Warriors * 8 teams: Wipeout Pulse includes the new EG-X team and 24 new exhilarating tracks * New Mag-Strip track feature: Wipeout Pulse allows for a huge variety and dynamism in track design including loops, vertical drops and 90 degrees angled sections * Snap a photo of your ship at any time: Wipeout Pulse’s Photo Mode lets Wipeut Pulse players upload pics online to show the world!