Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise

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Viva Piata: Pocket Paradise puts you in charge of a neglected garden on Piata Island. Which you can then turn into a piata paradise by tending to all aspects of cleaning the garden, growing and maintaining vegetation, caring for and breeding piatas, as well as attracting new piata species.Features: * Seven brand all-new piata species, exclusive to Pocket Paradise. Each with new requirements, houses and unique cut scenes. * Intuitive control system that takes full advantage of the Nintendo DS touch screen and stylus, allowing you to interact with your piata. * Tutorial videos featuring the stars of the Fox 4Kids Viva Piata TV series. Including Hudson Horstashio, Fergy Fudgehog and Paulie Pretztail. * New Playground mode that allows you to create a lush garden full of exciting and exotic piatas in a very short amount of time. * Trade rare piatas with your friends by using the Nintendo DS local wireless connection.