Vampires Moon: The Mystery of the Hidden Sun

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Become a young journalist and try to find out what caused sudden solar eclipse in Transylvania and why people are missing. A hidden-object game with an intense story and beautiful, atmospheric graphics.Taste the dark mysteries of Transylvania together with Emily Davis, the news reporter. Let yourself be drawn into an incredible sequence of events. Investigate an inexplicable, longlasting solar eclipse and the equally mysterious disappearance of the scientist researching it. Help Emily find hundreds of ingeniously hidden clues that bring you closer to unravelling the mystery… amongst them, a compendium of lore about vampires and Count Dracula. Brace yourself for many hours of intriguing, secret-filled gameplay.Features * An exciting story involving Count Dracula * Engrossing gameplay using Hidden Object mechanics * Over 1000 items to locate * Logical puzzles and mini-games * Beautiful, atmospheric locations that heighten the sense of mystery * Endless replay value thanks to a system of random item placement