TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge

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The world’s biggest race track reproduced at a 1:1 scale. Lasers can, photogrammetry, bikes and official riders?an experience which completely captures the reality of the track. TT Isle of Man is the game all moto fans have awaited for 10 years. Features:? The Isle of Man perfectly reproduced: 61 km of road and 264 turns longer and more difficult than all other GP tracks put together. The official riders and their super-powered bikes: 24 riders, 38 bikes and sidecars, rocketing along village and mountain roads at 320 km/h. ? True sensations of riding as confirmed by TT riders : including accurate behaviours of their bikes. ? Career mode inspired from TT training and qualifying rounds on 10 different tracks, and garage for managing and fine-tuning bikes. ? On-line with up to 8 challengers to clash against.