Trauma Centre: Under the Knife

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Got an urge to perform some surgery Now you can try your hand at a selection of complicated medical procedures in this brilliantly quirky hospital simulation! Take the role of a brilliant, unusually skilled young doctor working to save lives as a mysterious, deadly virus – rumoured to be the work of terrorists – hits your emergency ward. Put your finely honed medical skills into practice, using the touch screen and stylus to operate on patients and cure them of their maladies. As you learn to make the most of your unique medical skills you’ll become even more adept in the Operating Room.Use scalpels, forceps and other medical tools to save the day Apply antibiotic gels, laser complicated tumours, and carry out other daunting surgical procedures Play against the clock – certain medical challenges must be completed within a time limit Prove youre the best – earn higher rankings by operating quickly and proficiently to save your patients