The Sims 2: Apartment Pets

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Your Sims are leaving the suburbs for the hustle and bustle of apartment life! They’re moving into an apartment building full of interesting neighbours and a wide variety of pets. Your Sim can adopt pets of their own to play with and care for. As the manager of the on-site pet spa, your Sim can earn Simoleons by making sure that the local pets get the right treatments to keep them-and their owners-happy. From loveable cats and dogs to all-new exotic animals including slithery snakes, colourful birds, and cuddly rabbits, your Sim will experience all the hilarious unpredictability of owning pets while enjoying their exciting new apartment lifestyle!Key features- Live in a trendy downtown apartment complete with all new exotic pets and neighbours.- Take advantage of apartment life to make new friends with your neighbours and their pets. Run your own pet spa that’s right downstairs to pamper all kinds of pets.- Use your hard earned simoleans to furnish the perfect apartment or to buy fun accessories for your pet.- Play cool mini games to unlock new objects for your Sim and your pets!