The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask 3D

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The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask 3D brings Links engrossing, spooky quest through the mysterious world of Termina to a handheld system for the first time, with enhanced 3D graphics and added features for users to streamline gameplay for a more comfortable experience.The countdown has begun! You have just three days to save the land of Termina from destruction by its own moon, which is being pulled out of its orbit by a mysterious evil force! Re-living the days again and again, Link must use the magical Song of Time to gather the knowledge and skills he needs to solve the mystery of Majora’s Mask.In this epic adventure, Link is bestowed with magical masks to aid him in his quest. Transform into a Deku Scrub, a Goron and a Zora, using their abilities to fly through the air, roll across the land or swim through the sea!Features : A New Look: The graphics of the original title have been overhauled and improved, bringing the adventure to life like never before, while still remaining faithful to the Nintendo 64 original. Take a look around the world with the Nintendo 3DS systems motion controls. You can also use the Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro (sold separately) on Nintendo 3DS or the New Nintendo 3DS systems C Stick to adjust your view. A Touching Tale: Access items more easily than ever with the Touch Screen. Now you can select your equipment with a mere tap on the menu screen, and also look at maps and assign Button items in seconds! Beat the Clock: Keep track of all your quests in the revamped Bombers Notebook you can even set up alarms so you dont forget about any special events, and see where the action is on your map with a quick tap of the Touch Screen! Time waits for no man, but its easier to stay on time than ever with this handy tome! Save The Day: Thanks to owl statues and quill statues found throughout Termina, you can now save your adventure at any time. But be warned: returning to the dawn of the first day no longer automatically saves your progress.