Tekken 3D Prime Edition

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TEKKEN 3D PRIME EDITION for Nintendo 3DS will see the famous King of Iron Fist Tournament fought in 3D for the first time, with the unique functionality of Nintendo 3DS delivering a more realistic and dynamic TEKKEN experience. Players will choose from a selection of more than 40 characters and do battle on totally new stages alongside others redesigned especially for Nintendo 3DS. TEKKEN 3D PRIME EDITION will make the most of the Wi-Fi functionality of the Nintendo 3DS, and deliver fast-paced dynamic battles with impressive graphics running at a high frame rate.For the first time on Nintendo 3DS, a full-length CG movie will be available on the Game Card. TEKKEN Blood Vengeance is produced by Digital Frontier (Resident Evil: Degeneration, Death Note, Appleseed) and directed by Youichi Mouri (opening movies for TEKKEN 5 and TEKKEN 6: Bloodline Rebellion). Taking the history and legacy of the TEKKEN universe into a full-length CG movie, TEKKEN Blood Vengeance will be included on the TEKKEN 3D PRIME EDITION Game Card, in full 3D. Immerse yourself in the TEKKEN universe With over 40 characters, totally new battle stages, and stages specially redesigned for Nintendo 3DS! Incredible bonus: full TEKKEN Blood Vengeance 3D movie For the first time, a full-length CG animated movie is included on a Nintendo 3DS Game Card! Watch TEKKEN Blood Vengeance on your Nintendo 3DS screen in full 3D! Challenge the game in the Special Survival mode Beat as many opponents as possible in a row, defeat special bosses and earn new TEKKEN Cards for your collection, then trade them through StreetPass! Take on other players in the Versus mode Challenge your friends to versus combat via Local Play or throw down the gauntlet with any player via the Internet to push your rank as high as possible.