Sword Art Online: Lost Song

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Sword Art Online III: Lost Song is the sequel to Sword Art Online II: Hollow fragment. Taking place in the brand new world of ALFheim, take to the air with its aerial combat system, explore a new original story set against all new environments, with new quests and characters based on this incredible popular anime series.Take flight alongside Kirito, Asuna, Leafa and Sinon as they set out on their next grand adventure!Features: An original story based on ALFheim Online game coming with new and much loved existing characters, environments and quests. The story spans around 50 hours. Strategic Gameplay. Partner with two other well-known and much loved characters to strategically attack enemies. Aerial Battle. Experience 360 battles in the air with seamless transitions from ground to flight. Various weapons. 10 different kinds of weapons are available and offer the player new and strategic ways of defeating enemies.