Speed Racer: The Videogame

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* Choose from 20 different driver/car combinations, form Speed Racer and the Mach 6 to Cannonball Taylor and the GRX * Experience 19 different tracks across 7 vibrant environments * Drive at speeds of up to 375 MPH across incredible tracks that have loops, corkscrews, jumps and other obstacles and challenges * Utilise “The Zone” to boost your speed up to 500 MPH and gain an advantage on the track * Mater car-fu combat, using your T180 racecar as a weapon by smashing, jumping, flipping and spinningSummary:Speed Racer is based on the upcoming Wachowski Bros. film of the same name. It is set in a fantasy world where car culture is the culture. The player takes part in the World Racing League, (WRL) competing against nineteen other rtakes part in the World Racing League, (WRL) competing against nineteen other r en seen before. The player drives a T180, a racecar that can achieve amazing speeds, with four independently turning wheels and “jump jacks” that allow it to jump, flip and perform incredible car-fu maneuvers to eliminate other drivers from the competition.Story:After uncovering the corrupt influence of Royalton Industries and smashing all his opponents in The Crucible, Speed Racer returns for his second year on the racing registry. However, this time, the illustrious World Racing League Cup is up for grabs. Who will be the fastest, most cunning racer to win the title is unknown. Watch out for Cannonball Taylor who has revenge on his mind, while choosing allies like Racer X, to overcome the challenges that this year’s circuit has to offer.