Singstar: Ultimate Party

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Turn your smartphone into a pocket-sized mic and sing your favourite songs to entertain (or in some cases disturb) your mates.With the free SingStar app not only will your personal microphone be at hand for any harmonising emergencies, but you?ll also be able to mix your own unique playlist and cue up the latest hits.Have a laugh with friends at your own SingStar bash or impromptu sing-a-long, and then show off your best bits (and, of course, your hilarious epic fails) on Facebook and Twitter.Get the best hits in one place with SingStar: Ultimate Party on PS4 and PS3, and download tons more songs from the online SingStore; from pop to rock to hip-hop, with plenty in-between, with the likes of Rihanna, Passenger, Bon Jovi, One Direction and ABBA to choose from.SingStar + you = a night to remember? or forget!Features:? Anyone can play from the tone-deaf to dazzling divas and wannabe rock gods.? Share your own photos and videos with friends on Facebook and Twitter ? don?t be shy.? Rate and comment on other players? photos and videos in the SingStar community.? Create your own videos with all kinds of cool lighting filters and mind-bending augmented reality effects (PS4 only).? Send challenges to your mates online.? Build up your XP and get rewarded for your game activity.? The free SingStar app works with both PS3 and PS4 versions of the game.? Features official music videos.