Sairento VR

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Sairento VR is a visually stunning, mission-driven, multiplayer, VR action sword fighting and gun play game built for non-stop slash and shoot action. Play as a cyber ninja warrior with an arsenal of deadly weapons.Features: Famed for its unique and daring locomotion. Play alone or 2 player PVE COOP. WEAPONS You not only wield a mean katana, but are also skilful with guns and projectile weapons. ACROBATICS Leap 15 feet into the air, perform triple jumps, run across walls, power slide across the floor and perform back flips. SLOW TIME Engage enemies using the innovative combat system, allowing you to fight in slow motion and parry incoming projectiles. UPGRADE Keep upgrading your abilities and weapons as you accumulate experience from completing missions. INSANE ENEMIES, Fight enemies ranging from mutated samurais and disappearing ninjas to creepy robot ninjas and towering sumo wrestlers.