Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

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Submerge yourself in a unique fantasy world with all the fantastic gameplay you know and love from the Harvest Moon series!Having awoken, wearing only rags and with no clue as to who you are or your whereabouts, you are befriended by a beautiful young woman called Mist. Leasing some land, you begin a new life tilling the soil, growing crops and raising animals. However, the secrets of nearby caves inhabited by monsters beckon. Can you tame these wild beasts and unlock the secrets to your own past as well# Contains a real-time Action Battle system for equipping yourself with skills, fighting monsters, casting magic spells and creating new items, equipment and furniture# The stylus allows players to fleece their sheep and pet animals directly# Interact with other characters: Go to local festivals and go out on dates!# Settle down, get married and even raise a family! Live happily ever after!