Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

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Across the vast Western frontier, a plague is spreading When former outlaw John Marston wakes up at his farmhouse, he finds a world gone insane: overnight, deranged hordes have overrun the towns and outposts of the American frontier. In a desperate attempt to save his family, Marston must traverse a world torn apart by chaos and disorder, using every skill heHas to survive long enough to find a cure.Undead Nightmare combines a terrifying single player campaign as well as the full suite of amazing multiplayer content for one of the biggest games of the year: Red Dead Redemption.Undead Nightmare is a standalone game that does not require a copy of Red Dead Redemption to be played.Single-Player* Take on a brand new, undead-riddled, single-player adventure.* Experience completely new gameplay mechanics, weapons, and world design.* Battle against four different Zombie classes with detailed character design.* Encounter Graveyard action areas as well as Undead and Mythical animals.* Find New Collectible Outfits and Challenges to complete.* 7+ hours of single-player gameplay.Multiplayer* Join Friends across the Dying and Undead West in exciting Co-Op missions and Competitive Modes.* Attack and defend in Stronghold Mode, or claim territory in Land Grab.* School your friends in Poker, Liar’s Dice and Horse Racing.* Annihilate your enemies with the deadly Tomahawk and Explosive Rifle.* Play online as iconic characters from Red Dead Revolver or as the legends from Red Dead Redemption.* 15+ hours of multiplayer gameplay.