Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

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Become a Top Ranger and protect hundreds of different types of Pok?mon from an evil corporation in Pok?mon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. The second title in the Pok?mon Ranger series once again calls on you to capture Pok?mon on the DS Touch Screen, and then use their abilities to save the day. This time around, however, you?ll encounter 50 additional Pok?mon that weren?t in the original game, including many from Pok?mon Diamond and Pok?mon Pearl.Starting out in Ranger School as a Student Ranger, you?re bursting with enthusiasm at the prospect of one day becoming a Top Ranger and using your knowledge for the good of Almia and its many Pok?mon. Little did you know, after graduation you would soon be putting your new skills to work in a quest that would determine the very future of the region.Playing as either a boy or girl Ranger, it will be up to you to find and capture Pok?mon that can aid you on your journey. To do so you?ll need to use the Capture Styler, a special tool that enables you to capture Pok?mon by drawing lines around them on the Touch Screen using your stylus. Whether or not you successfully catch Pok?mon will be determined by the strength of your Capture Styler and the ability to call on help at the right moment from Friend and Partner Pok?mon you have already caught.Once a Pok?mon joins your ranks, you will be able to use its unique Field Move skills to overcome obstacles in your path before releasing it back into the wild. As you progress through Missions and Quests, you?ll earn the right to have more Pok?mon by your side, making it possible to open up and explore new areas of the sprawling Almia.Missions will be set for you by the Ranger Base or Ranger Union and see you tackling forest fires or exploring underground caverns. You?ll also have to put your Ranger abilities to the test against huge bosses as you work towards uncovering the true intentions of the shadowy Team Dim Sun organisation. On top of the game?s main Missions, people you meet will ask you to undertake Quests. Successfully completing these Quests earns you power-ups for your Capture Styler, making it stronger against certain attacks, lengthening the capture line and much more.You will be able to face new challenges via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, downloading additional Missions that feature extremely rare Pok?mon for you to get your hands on and use in Pok?mon Diamond or Pok?mon Pearl. Stay tuned to http://pokemonranger2.nintendo.co.uk to find out when and how you can get these missions! With hundreds of Pok?mon to encounter, a huge game world to explore and dozens of daring Missions to undertake, Pok?mon Ranger: Shadows of Almia will challenge you to go from zero to hero and establish yourself as the greatest Pok?mon Ranger of all time! * Encounter hundreds of Pok?mon and explore a huge world as you attempt to become a Top Ranger. * Use the unique skills of your Friend and Partner Pok?mon to open up new areas and battle the evil Team Dim Sun. * Download new Missions via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and attempt to add rare new Pok?mon to your collection.