Pokemon Platinum Version

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Prepare for an exciting new Pok?mon experience that throws you into the sprawling Pok?mon universe like never before. In Pok?mon Platinum Version, only the strongest of Pok?mon Trainers will successfully save the Sinnoh region and prove their prowess on a global scale. * Step back into the Sinnoh region and beyond as the mysterious Distortion World emerges. * Engage in epic Battles in the game or against friends, using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, sharing your greatest victories via the Global Terminal. * Transfer Shaymin from Pok?mon Diamond Version or Pok?mon Pearl Version to see it in its all-new Sky Forme, and see the Legendary Renegade Pok?mon Giratina in its Origin Forme. * See your heroes in winter wear as they brave the cold weather in the Sinnoh region.