Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team

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In Pok?mon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team, you wake up in a world inhabited entirely by Pok?mon, as a Pok?mon yourself, with no knowledge of how you got there or how you can return to human form.But perhaps there’s a reason for your arrival. Now that you can understand the Pok?mon language, you learn that a series of natural disasters is threatening the community. You soon befriend another Pok?mon and form a Rescue Team to help Pok?mon in distress.You receive missions to rescue Pok?mon trapped in dangerous dungeons, which are always randomly generated (meaning that you’ll never play the same dungeon twice), battling wild Pok?mon using a turn-based style of combat.As well as taking on missions deep underground you also have a vast overworld to explore, where you can make friends with hundreds of Pok?mon and recruit new members to your team.Pok?mon Mystery Dungeon includes an innovative new way to connect with other players around the world. If your team loses a battle and becomes trapped in a dungeon, you can call for help by sending a password to a friend by email or message board, by connecting wirelessly (Nintendo DS version) or by Link Cable (GBA version). You can also give an item and send a message as a thank-you to your rescuer.In Pok?mon Mystery Dungeon, having fun and making friends is just as important as fighting. So assemble your best Rescue Team and discover your destiny as a Pok?mon!Blue Rescue Team (Nintendo DS version) features:?Dual screen gameplay. View a map or team status on the upper screen while the action takes place on the bottom.?Touch screen control. Move your characters and access menus simply with the stylus.?Battle and befriend hundreds of Pok?mon (six exclusive to the DS version).?Use the DS local wireless technology to exchange rescue passwords, send thank-you messages to rescuers and trade items.?’Bark Mode’ style wireless trading mode. Put your DS in standby and exchange items with people you pass in the street. Also compatible with Pok?mon Link!?Import a team from the GBA version to battle your DS team in a special Training Center, by inserting Red Rescue Team into the GBA slot of Nintendo DS.?Unlock Pok?mon exclusive to the GBA version in the DS version by exchanging a password.