Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All

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Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright rises once again to protect the innocent and punish the lawbreakers in this sequel to one of the most surprising and original Nintendo DS hits of 2006. ‘Justice for All’ presents you with four new cases to investigate, each one highly complex and packed with a colourful cast of characters. Once again, each case is split into two phases. In the investigation phase, visit the scene of the crime, interview witnesses and gather evidence. In the courtroom phase you must present your findings, cross-examine witnesses and sort fact from fiction in order to prove your client’s innocence and discover the real culprit. New ‘Psyche Lock’ feature. Crack a tough witness by opening their Psyche Locks with a series of correct questions or by catching their inconsistent testimony. A life bar now represents Phoenixs success in court. Present incorrect evidence or fail to break Psyche Locks and the life bar goes down. Collect and examine evidence with the touch screen and shout “Objection!” into the microphone to make your case in court. Familiar characters such as slimy prosecutor Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix’s psychic assistant Maya return, along with many new characters.