Petz: My Baby Panda

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Learn about real life pandas as you feed, nurture and play with your very own panda! Choose from cute and cuddly baby pandas or giant Great Pandas and play with them as they learn new skills.Features:Interact with pandas: Play with them, help them, teach them tricks and nurture your very cute panda bears!Nurture your pandas: Clean them, take good care of them: your pandas habits change with how you treat and play with themWelcome new pandas: As your panda develops, new baby pandas will join him in Panda Park and will play with him! Make them get along with each other and play with of all them in the same time!Benefit from real time actions: Graphics and sounds will change according to the time of day.Make your panda the perfect playmate: Have fun playing with familiar playground equipment like a tire swing, a see-saw, slides and many more!Offer gifts to your lovely panda: Let your daily allowance grow and go on a shopping spree; buy panda food and toys immediately or order items that will be sent to you by mail via the Panda Delivery.Fun and intuitive gameplay: Simple controls and single touch of the stylus allow you to focus on interacting with your panda!