Pac-Man World

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Toc-Man and his ghostly minions have kidnapped Pac-Man’s friends. One by one, they vanished – Ms. Pac-Man, Pac Jr., Baby Pac, Professor Pac, Pooka and even Chomp-Chomp the dog were nowhere to be found. Now Toc-Man has the hostages hidden away throughout Ghost Island and his henchmen have orders to get rid of Pac-Man.Pac-Man will have use every trick and quick-witted escape he has learned throughout his career – plus a whole bunch of slick new moves if he wants to get his friends back. So get ready to chomp into action as the legendary Pac-Man battles to save his friends in the quest of a lifetime! * Pac-Mans 20th Anniversary Edition * Over 16 Endless levels and bosses * Explore and develop the game plot, as you battle to save your friends! * Full isometric graphics, detailed just like the Playstation version