NOW That’s What I Call Sing: Single Mic Pack

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Grab your mic and start singing NOW!Featuring 30 chart hits including 17 number ones from some of the worlds biggest artists. Grab a mic and sing solo or play with up to 7 other friends and really get the party started.This pack includes a USB microphone required to play.Game Modes: CLASSIC: Sing a song solo or play against your friends. BY HEART: Like CLASSIC mode but some of the lyrics will disappear during the round. DUET: Sing a real duet with your friends. EXPERT: Test your memory in the EXPERT mode which has no on-screen lyrics or visual cues. PASS THE MIC: Lets you play with a partner sharing one mic. FIRST TO 20,000: Compete against your friends and gain points. The first person to reach 20,000 points wins. ELIMINATION: Start with a full bar of energy which depletes with every wrong note. If you lose all your energy, youre out. The last Player standing wins.