Nobunagas Ambition: Taishi

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In Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi, players are able to step in the shoes of their favourite officer or lord and increase their clan’s influence in Japan. For players to successfully rule and conquer the land they will have to utilise a range of strategic options, including one of the newest features introduced to the series in Taishi: The Resolve System. Each move will have to be considered by the player, as the system introduces a set of aspirations – all of which decide how an officer will act in a given situation; Shingen Takeda, the head of the Takeda clan, has the resolve “Law of Kai” which focuses on the idea that everyone should be treated equally in every situation. Achieving an officer’s ambitions will prove worthwhile as it will unlock bonuses, such as increased gold or attack damage, to assist in the campaign.To complement the addition of the Resolve System, the Council System has been augmented to allow each attending officer the option to approve new policies. This could create situations with an officer having their own set of aspirations, and this belief will influence their decision to agree or disagree with the mentioned policies.Features:? Marking the 35th anniversary of the series.? The latest standalone entry in the Grand Strategy Series.? Focuses on the pivotal events of Sengoku Era Japan.? Relive the epic battles and notable events of Sengoku Era Japan.? New 2-part turn-based battle system.? Choose the best strategy to overthrow enemy units.? Unlock bonuses to assist in the campaign.