New Super Mario Bros + New Super Luigi U

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New Super Mario Bros. UIn New Super Mario Bros. U, Mario, Luigi and Toad are joined by a new character you! Run, leap and stomp through a 2D side-scrolling Mario adventure, and play as your Mii in extra modes like Challenge and Coin Battle. Explore a giant world map full of brand new courses, and experience ways to play that are only possible on Wii U. Then, in New Super Luigi U, leap into 82 challenging new courses as Luigi, but be quick, as you only have a short time to clear each one!New Super Luigi UAll 82 courses from New Super Mario Bros. U have been retooled with new challenging designs and features for this adventure!Luigi can jump higher than Mario, but finds it a lot harder to stop moving once he gets going, so playing as him will be a whole new experience!In multiplayer mode, you can also take control of the thieving Nabbit from the original game! He doesnt take any damage from enemies, so hes well-suited for less experienced players.