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Turn the Nintendo 3DS into a canvas of creativity with Art Academy 3D. Budding artists are invited to draw, paint and create in Nintendo’s flexible art training package. Featuring 16 all-new lessons, 14 bonus lessons and extra downloadable tuition, these portable lessons help teach the kind of drawing and painting techniques that students would learn in an art class.Designed to be casual and fun, Art Academy 3D gradually builds skills that can then be transferred to real-world art materials. This new, improved edition adds a host of new tools such as pastels and coloured pencils, while the paint now behaves with a more realistic oil-like feel compared to the acrylic feel of the previous iterations. On top of that, the enhanced capabilities of the 3DS have been fully utilised in Art Academy 3D, with the option to display objects in stunning 3D, or exhibit creations in a virtual 3D gallery.Players will also be able to fully share their creations wirelessly via Letterbox and Facebook, or save them to an SD card and import them to your computer.