My Happy Kitchen

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Test your skills as a young chef and master 68 tasty dishes from all over the world. Use your stylus to cut, stir, and fry, and have fun cooking. Unlock special modes and minigames through quizzes and cooking competitions! You Play as Lisa, a young girl who wants to become the best chef ever. Following her dream, Lisa enters the “Future Chefs Competition,” a prestigious and competitive contest, for which the winner will have the opportunity to attend a famous cooking school, “Ms. Josephine’s School of Culinary Arts.” Following the game’s scenario, you play various cooking minigames, and unlock new recipes and accessories to customise your menu and kitchen. * Live a new adventure where you interact with your parents, your friends and other cooks, and enter a cooking contest for the chance to attend a prestigious cooking school. * Improve your Cooking Skills * Use the stylus to chop, slice, steer, and sprinkle – but also for the first time wash fruits and vegetables, peel, and wrap marinated meat in aluminum foil. * Cook some of your favourite recipes from a selection of 68 including French toast, chocolate chip cookies, Cesar salad, lasagne, burger and fries and more… * Unlock the bonus mode for access to new recipes, take cooking lessons and use the actual kitchen timer. * Unleash your Creativity * Customise your menu like a grand chef. When you are done cooking choose your dishes, silverware, and your favourite toppings. * Customise your kitchen decor and background – choose colours and utensils you want to see in your kitchen. * Freestyle Mode * In Freestyle Mode, you can test your skills and cook all types of meals to practice for the competitions. * Minigames * Play minigames including Darts, Puzzle, Find The Food and Find The Difference.