My Friends

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Collect cool gifts for your friends and share them in My Friends! Explore the many different game locations to collect your gifts and once you have them you can share them with your friends, choosing from flowers, snacks or surprises! Got a friend whos hungry Then make sure you give them a snack! A young lady you want to impress Flowers are the way to her heart! Not sure what to give Then surely a surprise is the right thing! Youll get extra points if you give the perfect gift, so make sure you choose wisely!The happier your friends are, the more games, clothes, accessories and hairstyles you can unlock, you can even unlock new locations to go and explore and play games in! You can share gifts and friends with other Nintendo DS owners and also chat with up to three of them via DS Wireless Communications.Travel through the different worlds to find your gifts, its not easy as theyll never be in the same place again in the same world! See if you can get the complete set of gifts, youll never run out of friends and be the best friend ever!This summer, let My Friends take you to a whole new world of fun & games!