My Best Friend: Cats & Dogs

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In “My Best Friends: Cats & Dogs” for the Nintendo DS you have the unique opportunity to play with and cuddle Dalmatian, Husky, German Shepherd and Retriever puppies and Siamese, Maine Coon, British Blue and Domestic cats and to teach them lots of crazy tricks. Your tender loving care will ensure that a wonderful friendship develops between you and your four-legged protgs. You will form the team that will win prizes both in the beauty contests and the obstacle course competitions. Trained to perfection, you rise up to achieve true top form in the spotlight of the tournaments and really do become best friends! And if you look after your animals well, you can embark on new adventures! Lots of action in the catch games; cats will chase anything that moves. You’ll be winners in every show if the costumes and accessories look great! With your endless patience and a few treats, your new friend will learn to master every trick you teach it!