Monster Lab

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MONSTER LAB is set in an eerie, supernatural world where the evil Baron Mharti rules the region with a cruel hand. The player takes on the role of an apprentice scientist who must perform a vast array of intricate experiments to create their very own monster from over 150 available monster parts. Taking control of your monster, the player can then explore the land; searching for ingredients to make more monster parts, hunting out other monsters to defeat in combat and uncovering fun quests and challenges. The ultimate goal is to vanquish the evil Baron Mharti and liberate the villagers through mastering experiments, creating a powerful army of monsters and conquering all of the vast environments. Only then will the player rise through the ranks and become a scientist worthy of defeating the Baron!Features: * Step into the shoes of a Mad Scientist – Starting as an apprentice working under three eccentric mentors, level up through the ranks as you master the mad sciences. * Outrageous Experiments – Cultivate your science skills through crazy yet ingenious experiments both in and outside the lab! * Create your own Mad Monsters – Over 150 million monster combinations allow you to create a truly unique creature. * Explore a challenging fantasy realm – Delve into six eerie regions facing quests, challenges and collecting powerful ingredients needed for your next mad monster creation. * Gesture Combat – Go head-to-head against evil Monster minions in a fast-paced, ferocious, turn-based combat system. * Monster Generation System – Never fight the same monster twice! * Multiplayer – Challenge and compete against your friends’ monstrous creations.