MIB Alien Crisis: Men In Black 3

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We work for highly funded, yet unofficial government agency; our mission is to monitor extra terrestrial activity on Earth WE ARE THE MEN IN BLACK. Now its your turn to suit up as one of us to eliminate the scum of the universe, using an arsenal of futuristic weaponry, incapacitating devices and space-age technology. Your mission is to uncover a new alien plot, scan and identify aliens in disguise, neuralize any accidental civilian human witnesses, and defeat all enemies in order to protect Earth. Experience the over-the-top firepower of the MIB and intuitive cover mechanics in this exciting rail shooter gameplay.The weapons, attitude, over-the-top aliens and humour of the Men In Black franchise drive the aesthetics and attitude of this expanded universe game. Visit familiar landmarks and locals to battle unexpected alien presences.Key Features: 3rd Person/Strategic Choices: Over-the-shoulder perspective and ability to strafe, dodge, jump and use cover. Investigation and Interrogation: Rail-based sequences where players must obtain intelligence by investigating locations and interrogating suspects. Nothing is What it Seems: Aliens often use clever disguises. Employ MIB investigative techniques to detect hidden threats. The Greatest Stories Never Told: Preserve the secrecy of MIB, spot and neuralize accidental human witnesses. Diverse and Non-Standard Arsenal: Massive tri-barrel hand cannons, effects that freeze and suspend aliens in anti-gravity fields, and more. Chase / Evade Sequences: Pursue fleeing aliens or escape enraged aliens in super-intense cinematic chase sequences.