Metal Gear Survive

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Metal Gear Survive is a spin-off of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain that integrates MGSV:TPP’s intense gameplay elements into a survival action format. Experience Metal Gear like you never have before with the tension of stealth gameplay, tactics of base defence, and the gruelling reality of survival.Set in a dangerous, ruined world filled with creatures and hazardous mist, your success relies on your ability to read the evolving situation and make strategic choices – placing defensive units, predicting enemy behaviour and designing attack patterns.Features:Two Modes. Metal Gear Survive is composed of two main modes: Single Player and Co-op. Single Player takes you through the story of Metal Gear Survive while learning fundamental gameplay elements. These skills will be put to the test in online Co-op mode. Progress and rewards obtained in both Single Player and Co-op mode carry over and apply to your character across both modes. Survival. You must keep a close eye on your health, gathering and consuming food and water as needed. Wounds inflicted by creatures and illnesses contracted from contaminated food must be treated quickly to ensure your survival. Fight. Defeat hordes of creatures in both Single Player and Co-op modes. Coordinate with your teammates to fend of enemies and ensure your survival in this harsh world.Base Camp. Explore the world of Metal Gear: Survive and find materials to develop your base camp. Fortify it against the creatures’ attacks and build facilities that allow you to produce food, supplies, weapons and ammunition.