Mega Minis Compliation Volume 2

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This selection of the biggest and best minis packs four great games onto one disc, plus one more to download from PlayStation Store. Arctic Adventures: Polars Puzzles Help Polar the bear solve 50 brain-bending puzzles full of snow, ice and dynamite. Coconut Dodge: Dodge coconuts and keep the beach balls bouncing as you catch shiny treasures. Red Bull X-Fighters: Hop on your motorbike and wow the crowd with 64 levels full of daredevil tricks. Young Thor: Defeat ancient beasts and save the universe as the tiny and mighty god of thunder. Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess: Chase monsters as you search for your true love in this hilarious platform adventure (download only*). Includes a PlayStation Network voucher code (expires on 31 December 2012) to download all five games to PSP and PS3.