Mark McMorris Infinite Air

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Mark McMorris Infinite Air is a fresh welcome into snowboarding for newcomers and a challenging step into untracked territory for seasoned boarders.Get ready to shred custom-built runs and show off gnarly tricks across vast, personalised terrain parks. Awe- inspiring environments, fluid snowboading manoeuvres and authentic competitions craft an exhilarating and realistic experience on the snow.Features: Ride with the Pros. Join top snowboarders Mark McMorris and other pros in the most authentic snowboarding game to date. Genre-Defining Realism. Fluid analogue controls and physics-driven animations capture the true feel of snowboarding, allowing for skill- based trick executions and your own flavour of creativity. Challenge Your Friends. Compete in real-world events and go head-to-head in Slopestyle, Big Air, and Halfpipe competitions Infinite Runs to Ride. Procedurally generated mountains and an intuitive map editor deliver an infinite number of mountains to explore and big air to find Share and Explore. Share your course creations with friends online, and explore the best runs the community has to offer.