Mario Power Tennis

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Game, set and MATCH! Play some explosive tennis with a difference with NEW PLAY CONTROL! Mario Power Tennis on Wii. Choose your favourite character from the Mushroom Kingdom and get ready to hit the courts swinging as you fight your way to the top of the circuit!There are 18 iconic characters to choose from, including Mario, Yoshi and Donkey Kong, and more ways to play Mario Power Tennis than trophies in Roger Federer?s trophy cabinet. The Tournament mode features both Singles and Doubles matches as part of championships like the World Open. Beat special opponents to rise though the ranks and unlock extras! The choice is yours in Exhibition mode ? you can pick up the basics here and play any of ten Gimmick courts, including Peach Dome court and Luigi?s Mansion Court. As if that wasn?t enough, there are also scores of fun games in the Special Games section where you can try out your artistic skills with Artist on the Court or maybe fire some volleys at ghosts in Terror Tennis.Mario Power Tennis is part of the NEW PLAY CONTROL! series of GameCube remakes, aiming to bring the best from the GameCube bang up-to-date with innovative Wii controls. The Wii Remote makes the perfect tennis racquet ? all you need to do is pretend it IS a tennis racquet and play in exactly the same way. You can slice and smash to your heart?s content and each character also has their own special devastating move, actioned by a bit of nifty Wii Remote shaking and button-pressing. You can also get your friends in on the action – up to four players can compete in head-to-head matches and have fun together in the Special Games mode.NEW PLAY CONTROL! Mario Power Tennis ? are you tennis ace material? * Play as one of your favourite Mario characters and try different playing styles * Use the Wii Remote as a virtual tennis racquet to pull off a range of shots * Unlock characters, minigames and other extras * Part of the exciting NEW PLAY CONTROL! series for Wii