Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros

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Two Marios are better than one in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros., a comical RPG mash-up for Nintendo 3DS family systems! When two unique universes collide, Paper Mario jumps off the page and joins a super team of Mario Bros. Together, Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario must save the Mushroom Kingdom from the only thing more threatening than one Bowser: two Bowsers!When a mysterious book is opened, its readers get more than they bargained for when characters from the Paper Mario universe, including Paper Mario, Princess Peach, Toad and more, spill out of the pages and start running amok. Only the terrific trio of Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario can defeat both Bowser and Paper Bowser to separate the two worlds once again!With Paper Mario in the fold, Mario and Luigi have even more ways to explore, solve puzzles and take down Bowsers goons, be they flat or round. Perform Trio Attacks to dish out powerful attacks and use Paper Marios Copy Block to create duplicates and crumple your foes.The papery hero also has special skills outside of battle, like the ability to slip through tiny cracks to areas that the three-dimensional brothers cant reach, or transform into a paper airplane to escape from rampaging giant Piranha Plants.When even the might of three heroes isnt enough, tear up your enemies in Paper Craft Battles! Use the power of rhythm-based microgames to power and steer a giant paper craft Mario to take on Bowsers paper craft forces.Unwrap a charming action-packed quest to save the Mushroom Kingdom in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros., for Nintendo 3DS family systems!Features: An RPG adventure that combines the comical storytelling and unique art styles of both the Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario series. With Paper Mario, create duplicates for battle and pull off Trio Attacks with Mario and Luigi. Take charge in massive Paper Craft Battles and crumple Bowser’s papery forces.