Lost in Blue

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Joking aside, Lost in Blue is not a dating game it’s a survival game. Anyway, it would be too easy if it were a dating game… there’s only one girl! Bingo. The end. No, the cool thing about Lost in Blue is that it’s played almost entirely using the Nintendo DS touch screen. Together with the girl, you must do everything you can to survive and escape from the island.The key is sharing your responsibilities, and the choices you make here affect the outcome of the game. If you expect the girl to undertake tasks she’s unaccustomed to, you may end up in more trouble than you started off with. To be fair on her, of course, there are many chores that the boy is not so adept at performing.Whether they are hunting, fishing, cooking or chilling out by playing a few games, all this is done via the Nintendo DS touch screen. We think this makes an innovative gaming experience that you’ll want to go back to, even after clearing the game.Although the boy is cast as the hero, if you complete the game you have the chance to play through the adventure again as the girl. Then you’ll see just how frustrating it is to rely on guys for help!There are multiple endings, depending on how well you can work together and ultimately escape. The endings are based on how comfortable the friendship is between the two people, how they treat each other verbally and also how they choose to manage their lifestyle in general.Lost in Blue is one of Konami’s most original games, we hope you look forward to it. Features * The adventure is played almost entirely using the Nintendo DS’ touch screen * After clearing the game as the hero, you can play through again as the heroine * Multiple endings depending on the boy/girl relationship and how they escape * Engrossing survival theme – smart thinking plays the most important part