Lego Worlds

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Build and play without limits with LEGO Worlds!LEGO Worlds is a digital LEGO play experience where any creation is possible. Fans of all ages can create and customize their own LEGO world, explore and discover unexpected treasures and share creations with friends.Features:Alter any of the procedurally generated digital worlds using convenient landscaping tools and prefabricated LEGO structures to build whatever you imagine.Discover hidden treasures in environments that range from fun to fantastic.Make your worlds come to life with customizable characters and creatures that interact with you and each other in unexpected ways.Explore with fun vehicles and creatures such as helicopters, bears, dragons, motorbikes and more.Unlock and play with your physical LEGO sets in a whole new way.Play in your friends worlds and share creations with each other.Online multiplayer allows two players to explore each others worlds together, create together, and engage in cooperative and competitive play experiences.