Lego City Undercover

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In Lego City Undercover, you’ll use the Wii U GamePad to scan for clues, get mission updates, and more. With over 100 vehicles to collect, a big city to explore, and fully-voiced characters, it’s a Lego adventure like never before! Players assume the identity of Chase McCain, an undercover detective armed with many clever disguises. The mission is to put a stop to the fiendish Rex Fury and end his crime wave in Lego City. As players run, drive and even fly through the city, they’ll use the Wii U GamePad controller as a new police gadget. Features: The Wii U GamePad is woven seamlessly into the game-play experience. Players use it to scan for hidden clues and criminals, receive mission updates and place waypoints on an overhead city map that displays their position in real time. Experience Lego City like never before. Familiar play sets come to life as you explore the vast city, looking for clues to bring Rex Fury to justice. Players can go undercover with a variety of disguises, including a firefighter, a construction worker and even a robber, and use their unique abilities to solve puzzles and access new areas of the city. There are more than 100 vehicles for players to collect and use to explore the city, including sports cars, motorcycles and even aircraft. Lego video games are known for their humour and parody, and Lego City: Undercover delivers this with fully voiced characters and ambient crowds to bring Lego City to life.