Jewel Link Chronicles: Legends of Atlantis

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Follow the tracks of Hercules and recreate the glorious world at the foot of the Acropolis. Construct the Pergamon Alter, the famous Theatre of Dionysus and countless other legendary buildings! Compete against the dangers of ancient mythology and gain construction plans thought long forgotten. The wisdom of the goddess Athena will be on the side of you and your people during the construction of the enchanting metropolis. Jewel Link Chronicles is a one-of-a-kind Match 33adventure game where you must swap adjacent tiles so that rows of three or more of the same symbols emerge. By doing this, you will collect food, building resources, jewels and gold, as well as magical artefacts to help you in your mission.Features: Experience 100 new levels of match-three mayhem. Construct 20 monumental buildings. New bonus tools and bonus game modes. Pit yourself against Greek myths in 15 bonus levels.