Inazuma Eleven Go: Shadow

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Inazuma Eleven Go is the fourth instalment of the popular Inazuma Eleven series and the first part of the second trilogy. A role-playing game blended with football, players must scout and recruit characters, creating a truly personalised squad you can then battle with friends in multiplayer matches.As with previous Inazuma Eleven games, Inazuma Eleven Go will be released in multiple versions: Inazuma Eleven Go: Shadow and Inazuma Eleven Go: Light. Each version has its own aspects that make it unique like special attacks and special team. Get ready for kick off! Features: Unique role-playing game blended with football. Over 200 special moves, football matches played via Touch Screen. Over 1000 characters available to form personalised teams. Fully localised voice-work, animation sequences and title songs. Usage of Nintendo 3DS features, such as 3D visuals, StreetPass, SpotPass.