Imagine Beauty Stylist

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When you become the most famous Hairdresser & Make-up artist, you will travel all over the world to perform with celebrities, pop stars and movie stars!Key Features? Run and improve your own beauty salon- Organise the daily planning of the salon according to your clients? requests- Customise your beauty salon and make it a welcoming place- Unlock new furniture along the way or buy them with the money that you earn ? Complete a variety of beauty tasks to make your clients sparkle- Choose from many different hairstyles and types of make-up to make your clients look gorgeous!- As a hairdresser you can wash, shampoo, colour, cut and accessorise- As a make-up artist you can style your clients using foundation, blusher, lip gloss, fake eyelashes, eye shadow and eye liner, amongst other things! ? Build a strong relationship with your customers- Become famous thanks to word-of-mouth from satisfied customers- Keep a record of your customers? preferences so that you can give them exactly what they want- Travel all around the world to work with top celebrities and popstars