Hotel Transylvania

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Its a little known fact that Dracula is not only The Prince of Darkness, but is also a hotel owner of The Hotel Transylvania! A luxurious five-stake hotel, where Monster Royalty can kick-back and get away and just be themselves in a human-free, safe environment.Welcome to Hotel Transylvania! Explore the castle with Mavis, Draculas daughter. As the two companions roam, they must be constantly on the lookout for Quasimodo. Quasi wants to catch Mavis friend and serve him at Maviss 118th birthday extravaganza! He has instructed Skeletons, Zombies, and Suits of Armour to find Jonathan and deliver him to the kitchen…Dodge the dangers of Hotel Transylvania and locate Count Dracula so he can clear things up. – Light-hearted but spooky quests designed to tour the Hotel, meet the cast and finally bring everyone together. – Multiple Outfits, 11 Locations, 12 Enemies, 8 Puzzles and several Boss battles. – Locations and characters all based on the film Hotel Transylvania.