Hasbro Family Game Night

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Take your favourite Hasbro games with you! With five different games to enjoy, and Mr. Potato Head as your charming host, Hasbro Family Game Night is hours of fun, whether you play on your own or with a friend! You can even create and customise your own play area by unlocking trophies and avatars. With Hasbro Family Game Night, you are guaranteed to have a good time no matter where you are! * Play anywhere – Hasbro Family Game Night now fits in your pocket! * Engage in friendly competition via wireless multiplayer and keep track of your victories * Single-Cart Game Sharing! Play with a friend even if they don’t have the game! * Unlock and choose from a variety of avatars and customise your play space * Play classic and all-new versions of your favorite Hasbro games: * Battleships * Connect 4 * Operation * Bop-It