Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Harvest Moon! A new life awaits you on your little farm! Grow crops, tend to your animals, explore the countryside and visit the local town! By making your farm better you can affect what happens around you! Build new buildings for the town, make friends and even find love and start a family!Harvest Moon: A New Beginning is the first game in the series built just for 3DS! Boasting bright, bolder, cuter graphics and a bigger game world, A New Beginning offers more choice and freedom than ever before!Features: The first fully 3D Harvest Moon for 3DS! Choose from a boy or girl character and customise them to your liking with over 100 different costumes and items! Every aspect of your farm can be changed, rearranged, organised and customised with a simple pick-up-and-drop mechanic. The biggest Harvest Moon ever with tropical beaches and ancient ruins or you to explore! Looking for love Head into town and look for a boyfriend or girlfriend! Get married and start a family! Look after, milk and groom your animals! A happy animal will benefit your farm! Collect and trade! Link up with other 3DS owners to collect and trade from hundreds of different items!