Garfield Gets Real

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In Garfield Gets Real you not only get to play cartoon favourite Garfield, but you also take the role of the director by using props, lighting, sound effects and camera angles to make the action as entertaining as possible. * Natural control scheme based around the Stylus make the game accessible to players of all skill levels and ages while still rewarding skilled players. * Clap-o-meter rewards players for humour, skill, use of props and sound effects. Hamm it up to get the big points. * The games seven levels mimic the settings and feel of the film, interlaced with cut scenes from the actual movie. * Perform dance routines by stringing together moves such as the moonwalk, drop splits, Kung Fu kicks, twists and a Travolta style hand swipe across the eyes. * Upon completing the game your film will be rated. Will it be a B move, second rate feature, a feature, Directors cut or even a Special Edition. * Multiplayer functionality allows players to compete to see who can get the best reaction.