Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobos Dungeon

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In the town of Lostime, memories are fluttering away with every toll of the local clock tower’s bell. If things go on like this, the residents won’t know their beaks from their bills! But who’s got the pluck to peck up their missing memories, and save them from a fate worse than forgetfulness Chocobo, that’s who! With cute characters, great graphics and user-friendly controls, Chocobo’s Dungeon is fully-fledged FINAL FANTASY fun for all the family!Key Features- User-friendly gameplay and controls get you into the game straight away- Charming storyline and characters that are suitable for all- As in other FINAL FANTASY titles, customise your character from a range of different jobs, each of which have unique special abilities and outfits to try out!- Awe-inspiring summon beasts from FINAL FANTASY titles also make their appearances and can defeat enemies with amazing special attacks!- Enjoy the fun-packed Pop-Up Duel card battle game with a friend over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection!