Fairytale Fights

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Once upon a time… in a fairytale kingdom far far away… all is not as it seems! Assume the role of your favourite fairytale character in this totally unique hack ‘n’ slash platform adventure! With over 100 weapons to choose from, slice’n’dice your way through the fairytale kingdom in search of rumours and tales to regain your fame and fortune! Hack a path through a sea of cuddly bunnies and cute furry animals and wade through pools of blood on your travels to retrieve magical items and rescue fair maidens! * Close up ‘picture-in-picture’ salami-slicing action as players carve their way through the fairytale kingdom * Drop-in-drop-out feature lets players join friends both online and offline in PvP battle arenas and Story Mode * Featuring over 8 hours of gameplay in Story Mode – 3 levels of difficulty with puzzles, minigames and over 20 levels! * Try your hand at 6 different attack modes such as hand-to-hand combat, slicing’n’dicing, magic, potions and more… * Character animation from CGI specialist Sparx Animation bringing the fairytale world to life * Choose from up to 4 characters including Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and the Naked King!