Everybody’s Golf

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Hit the fairway as everybodys favourite golf series tees off on PS Vita. Explore a variety of visually stunning courses and make use of the innovative touchscreen controls, motion sensor and new shot system to drive, chip and putt your way to Whether youre looking to enjoy a quick round or enter a giant online tournament, Everybodys Golf will delight golfing newbies and old pros alike. Tap and drag the touchscreen to interact with the environment, and use the dual analogue sticks and motion sensor to look around the entire courseIncludes all the quirky characters, costumes and collectible items youd expect from the Everybodys Golf series. Effortless online modes and LiveArea social networking features make it easy for anyone to set up a game, chat with other players and get a round or tournament under way. Online golf for all with both simultaneous and turn-based competitive online play enter live tournaments or enjoy a leisurely round with friends taking shots when the time suits you.