Dragonball Z: Battle of Z

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Since its beginning, Dragon Ball Z was the theatre of amazing fights between Goku, his friends and their enemies, and once again they are all back for a new rumble. After amazing games such as Budokai Series, Tenkaichi Series & Raging Blast, Dragon Ball Z returns for a brand-new game where co-operation will be your best ally to defeat terrible enemies. The more enemies you have, the more allies you need and the more fun youll get in the all of the modes available! Features: Try Gokus new Super Saiyan GOD mode against his hardest enemies such as Giant Ape Vegeta, Frieza and much more. Discover huge open areas to unleash your ki blast power. Revolutionary melee mode in a Dragon Ball game. Team Up online with 3 of your friends in co-op mode. Rumble with up to 8 players online.