Disney Princess Enchanting Storybooks

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Dive into the world of Disney Princess by interacting inside the pages of their enchanting storybooks for Nintendo DS. Players wield their stylus like a magic brush and bring six Disney Princess legendary tales to life by completing a variety of drawing, colouring and musical activities. Discover a new enchanting world every time you play!Features: Enter the enchanting storybooks of Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Tiana. Join Opal, the Keeper of Colour, to help re-colour the Disney Princess storybooks! Restore the storybook pages by completing activities such as number painting, sticker scene designer, musical tune-up and more! Over 100 colouring book pages unlocked as your progress through each storybook! Enjoy bonus Snow White colouring book pages too! Unlock 6 magical tools, including Belles Rose Petal Crayon and Rapunzels Watercolor Brush.